Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Having insurance 'going to be like Christmas' :: WRAL.com

Ahh yes here it comes. The fundamental change in the American psyche that a lot of people underestimate...'having insurance is going to be like Christmas.'

First off I wonder if the dope in the article knows how costly the mandated insurance is? Because it will have to cover EVERYTHING, he won't be able to pick and choose according to his families/personal needs. The HCR Bill states, your insurance must cover "at least... maternity and newborn care... Mental health and substance disorder services... behavioral health treatment... preventative and wellness services and chronic disease management... pediatric services, including oral and vision care." Some people need this and some don't, by requiring the insurance companies to pay for all you are just asking for more "waste,fraud and abuse". Going forward the bill allows Health and Human Services to create new mandates if they see fit. No approval, no asking the American public or the insured what the hell they actually need. If people are not understanding how pernicious these clauses are, they will soon learn. They will soon learn of the over 130 new departments and bureaucracies created by this bill. They will learn of the 10's of thousands of IRS agents soon to be knocking on Americans' doorsteps to make sure they have paid for insurance, or the fine.

Secondly the article mentions he has a family, hope the wife doesn't work because odds are they may hit the $100,000 family income that will allow for NO subsidies and force him to pay for minimum of $12,500 worth of insurance coverage. The only way he squeaks under that, and gets 100% covered is if he is dirt poor, Medicaid will cover him if he is in a family of four and total income does not go over $29,327. After $29,327 the tax credits for purchasing insurance goes up a sliding scale to $88,200. More proof that this bill will only go to kill the middle class. Heck what's the incentive to work harder and earn more money, I just gotta stay in this low-middle range and I get free monopoly money from the government. People that support this are fools, yes you heard me, fools. The way this bill works out, by 2025 we will be France without all the good cheese and hairy armpitted women. Oh wait...the latter is bad,we DON'T want that. OK then....we will be France without all the good cheese and Euro Disney! Oh wait.....oh forget it, you get the idea, France blows besides the cheese (and wine).

Ninety-fifth of all, the part most people on the left are cheering about in this bill happens to be the "can't discriminate based on pre-existing conditions", sounds good on it's face but Republicans (I'm sorry they just did, and you can look it up) had a better idea for combating this. It's called portability. The way this bill tackles it, it's going to be grounds for all sorts of gaming the "system" and making sure that people who do pay into the system will get screwed (gee does it start to sound like just about every other entitlement program the government creates?). So what will happen, millions will wait until they get sick to purchase insurance. Why? Simple math. Page 323 states the $750 fine that will follow if you do not purchase insurance. That’s much less than the avg of $20,000 plus that it would cost to buy insurance for a family. You would be a fool to buy insurance now. Then at that point only sick people will buy insurance, so premiums will skyrocket due to the risk pools. Some estimates have the premiums jumping as much as 50% and that's from a study that proposes individual mandates. Then the left will continue to bash the insurance companies until no end for increasing their rates, with that comes more public outrage, then it will lead to the single payer system they so desperately need to validate their pathetic ideology. Why do I think so because anyone who wrote this policy knows it greases the skids for single payer, it's intention is to eventually beat down the insurance companies, destroy competition that is there now and could have been made greater with some of the other sides ideas. This was the second best thing for them outside of a "public option". The leap between the government dictating the private insurance rates and them actually administering the insurance just got A LOT shorter.

Well here is the article i spoke of :
Having insurance 'going to be like Christmas' :: WRAL.com


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