Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well of course...

....they are duplicitous liars, they are politicians.

What's even more egregious to me is the fact that the only reason the Republicans were seeking the "nuclear option" was for nominees to the federal bench that Libs held back all of Bush's two terms. Of course trying to do this brought the cacophony of liberal BS, "Bush is power hungry", "Bush lied",etc,etc, ad nausea. Presidential selections to the bench have always been basically granted, it is a courtesy allowed part of the Executive Branch powers outlined in Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution. Elections have consequences as they say, oh no but not for the high and mighty Left that could not be bothered to give yes or no votes on dozens of Bush court nominees. All this federal judge nonsense can of course be traced back to Ted Kennedy's disgraceful hatchet job on Robert Bork in the 1980's. Since then,all decorum has left the building when it comes to high court nominations.

I say let them use the reconciliation process to pass health care. Not only are provisions of the bill unconstitutional and will probably challenged in court, but just think of the sheer carnage at the ballot box for Democrats in November after ramming through something the country has demonstrated it's disgust for on numerous occasions.


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