Monday, February 22, 2010

Never let a crisis go to waste

The big news today from the WH is that the double down strategery on health reform continues. I am not sure I have ever seen an administration so fly in the face of what is obvious to the rest of the country. This isn't some issue the country is slightly divided on, it is overwhelming not only in the public polling available but at the ballot box in the most recent off year elections. This mornings proposal seems to have removed the most offensive piece, the so-called Cornhusker Kickback but has resolved little to nothing else between the House and Senate bills. The Senate bill still prevails which leads me to wonder what the House Dems are getting in all of this. The minor tweaks introduced on the WH web site also included an exemption for ALL Americans on the Cadillac Tax that originally applied only to union members,BUT it still includes massive new powers for the federal government. This coupled with the sham of a health care summit with Republicans should more or less guarantee that the Dems are all but married to the "nuclear" option also known as the "reconciliation process" to pass this remaking of the country.

The summit is a sham since the premise is a total fallacy. The President wants to hear the input of Republicans for inclusion into the health reform process. Huh? What? They have been giving him input for about a year on this issue. Never you mind that he is already committed to the Senate bill and is so not interested in any free market solutions.

And oh yeah i forgot the best part about the Anointed One's new has increased the price tag to be $950 billion and still calls it deficit neutral? Let the Big Lie continue....


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